Ford Vehicles See U.S. Sales Rise 7.1% to Nearly 2 Million in 2023
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Ford Vehicles See U.S. Sales Rise 7.1% to Nearly 2 Million in 2023

Ford F-150 Lightning driving up a snowy mountain, sales up in 2023
  • America’s No. 2 EV brand was claimed by Ford, with EV sales rising 18%.
  • Ford is America’s top truck seller, with its F-Series leading.
  • Ford expects more growth in 2024.

In 2023, Ford vehicles sold 1,995,912 units, an increase of 7.1% over 2022. Ford sold a record 25,937 electric vehicles (EVs) in Q4 2023, marking a 24% increase over Q3 sales and an 18% increase to 72,608 EVs for 2023. Mustang Mach-E sales reached 40,771 for 2023, increasing 3%. The E-Transit was the best-selling electric van, with 7,672 units sold, an 18% increase over 2022.


Ford’s hybrids reached a record Q4 sales of 37,229 vehicles, increasing 55%. Over 2023, a surge in hybrid sales reached 25%. The Maverick Hybrid sold a total of 52,361, a 67% gain. Maverick sales increased by 26.5%. F-150 Hybrid sales increased by 41% over 2022, with 50,103 sold in 2023. 

U.S. Truck Leader

For the 47th year in a row, Ford F-Series maintained its position as best-selling truck for Q4 and 2023, with 750,789 sold. In 2023, Ford sold a total of 1,081,777 trucks and vans, marking a 13% increase over 2022. The Ford F-Series sold 750,789 in 2023, a 15% increase over 2022. The gas- and diesel-powered F-Series sales surged by 12%.

Ford F-150 Lightning

In 2023, the Ford F-150 Lightning led the electric truck segment as the No. 1 selling model, and the F-150 Hybrid claimed the top spot in the full-size hybrid truck category. The top-selling F-150 Lightning and F-150 Hybrid realized record-breaking sales for 2023, with 55% and 41% growth, respectively. F-150 Lightning Q4 sales increased 74%.

Ford Vehicles Sales Growing, Including SUVs

Bronco sales were up 8%, Edge 24%, and Expedition 18%. Lincoln Navigator sales swelled by 33%, selling 17,549 units in 2023. Lincoln SUVs ended Q4 with a 9% increase, led by the Aviator and Nautilus, whose sales rose by 11 and 42%, respectively.

Ford Pro Commercial Enjoys Sales Success

The Ford Transit van emerged as America’s No. 1 selling commercial van, the leader for 45 straight years. In 2023, Ford’s commercial van sales soared by 21%, selling 190,016 vans. The Transit van saw sales surging by 30% to reach 129,009 units for 2023. Ford E-Series vans saw a whopping 34% increase in sales, with 42,957 cutaway vans sold in 2023. Ford Pro Commercial is an important segment for Ford vehicles.



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