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The Biden Administration finalizes the EPA rules for electric cars to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
Steelton-Highspire leads with electric school buses in Pennsylvania funded by EPA, reducing emissions and powering with solar energy, enhancing sustainability.
Big Oil, complex permits, and local control are working to slow EV progress and clean energy in the United States.
When major media outlets use misleading headlines, they attract readers but hide the facts about the Biden policy proposal about emissions and the electric vehicle forecast for 2030.
The EPA awarded $3.95 million to First Student to purchase ten electric school buses for students in Cincinnati Public Schools.
The $623M in Federal EV infrastructure funding, released by the government in January 2024, will go a long way to support the EV revolution in America.
The American Lung Association’s “Driving to Clean Air” report says that we could save nearly 90,000 lives if we switch to electrification.
EPA proposes ambitious new vehicle emissions standards to reduce pollution and accelerate transition to electric vehicles in the US.
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Man riding an electric bike on the road in a residential area rebate e-bike

New Rebate Program Offers Up To $1,500 Toward an E-Bike in Minnesota

Lyten’s Lithium-Sulfur Battery Could Be Used in Mass Production

Lyten’s Lithium-Sulfur Battery Could Be Used in Mass Production

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Sleeker, Faster EV Race Car Coming to 2025 Formula E Season