Honda Launches Electric Versions of Classic Motos
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Honda Launches Electric Versions of Classic Motos

Honda is bringing the fun once again with a fresh lineup of e-bikes inspired by its classic motorcycles and mopeds!

Honda has decided to bring back some classic models with a twist. Meet the Cub e:, Dax e:, and ZOOMER e: – three electric bikes that pay homage to some of Honda’s iconic motos.

The Cub e: is based on the Honda Super Cub, which has been in production since 1958, and has been a reliable mode of transportation for millions of people worldwide. 

The Dax e: is based on the 1969 Dax, a miniature motorbike with a unique T-shaped frame that supposedly looked a bit like a dachshund back in the day. (Sure, maybe, if you squint your eyes real tight.)

Lastly, the Zoomer e: is inspired by the Honda Zoomer (That’s the super-cool Honda Ruckus to you and me Americans, kids! –Ed.), which was introduced in 2002. 

All three bikes are built to fit the Chinese electric bicycle category, which has a maximum speed limit of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) or less. But honestly, with designs like these, we doubt that many riders will use the pedals and instead will just go all-throttle.

According to a Honda spokesperson, “For Chinese Gen Z consumers, EBs have become more than a means of transportation, but an important vehicle for sharing their lives and expressing themselves, which has led to a demand for more attractive and value-added models in the EB segment.” 

By bringing back these classic models with a modern twist, Honda is tapping into the desire of the younger generation to have bikes that reflect their individuality and style.

The best part? These e-bikes won’t break the bank for their younger fans. The Cub e: and Dax e: will retail for around ¥6,000 (about $880), while the Zoomer e: will cost ¥6,100 (about $895). With affordable prices and iconic design, these latest offerings from Honda should be a hit with the younger set in China.

Honda Classic Motos Reimagined as E-bikes


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