2 Wheeled Shaq Attack: DirtySixer Launches 'World's Largest' E-bike
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DirtySixer Launches ‘World’s Largest’ E-bike

DirtySixer e-bike Mini Cooper

If you’re a tall rider – like, really tall – you might have some trouble finding a top-shelf e-bike that fits you like a glove. If you think a guy like Shaq is, “big, but not that big,” DirtySixer has an e-bike just for you.

“DirtySixer” is a bit of a play on words, describing the bikemaker’s massive 36″ wheels. Those bigger wheels allow the company to design and develop a bike that looks “right,” and avoid the stretched out head tube common on most “big people” bikes. The new e-bike continues the trend of looking more or less like a “normal” high-end bike … until you park it next to something that gives it scale (above).


It’s Got the Look


Currently a single prototype, the upcoming new model was designed by DirtySixer’s 6′ 6″ founder David Folch. Like his “pure” human-powered creations, the new bike features a 6061 aluminum alloy frame that’s proportional to its 36-inch wheels, allowing it to handle more like a standard medium bicycle.

The prototype is fitted with a 250-watt Shimano STEPS e8000 bottom bracket motor for pedal-assisting power, which gets its electrons from a down-tube-integrated 500-Wh lithium battery pack. As it sits, the bike is able to take its vertically-gifted riders to a pedal-assisted top speed of 20 mph, and offers up to 60 miles of riding on a single charge.

As impressive as those specs may appear at first glance, the production version is expected to be even better. Dave plans to fit the bike you’ll be able to actually buy with a new Valeo Smart e-Bike System, which is a bottom bracket-setup featuring Valeo’s 48-volt electric motor and a 7-speed adaptive gearbox made by partnering company Effigear.

Other features include hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, a suspension seat post, internal cable routing for a clean, “high-end” look, carbon fiber rims to keep weight down, a Gates Carbon belt-drive drivetrain, and the buyer’s choice of an MRP inverted suspension fork with 80 mm of travel or a rigid steel fork. The electrified DirtySixer is expected to tip the scales at around 65 lbs. once finalized, and will be available for preorder within a few weeks for “less than $8,000 US.”



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