Enhancing EV Range in Hot and Cold Weather Conditions: Betterfrost and DENSO Join Forces
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Enhancing EV Range in Hot and Cold Weather Conditions: Betterfrost and DENSO Join Forces

Image showcasing black 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting EV truck in snow and cold weather
  • Betterfrost and DENSO are teaming up to create a new defrost system for EVs, supported by Ontario Government funding, designed to enhance EV performance in extreme hot and cold weather.
  • Their goal is to develop a low-energy defrost and defog system, reducing energy consumption and potentially extending EV range in hot and cold weather.
  • This collaboration not only impacts EV technology but also signifies a commitment to sustainability and regional investment in Canada.

Betterfrost and DENSO, two titans in automotive innovation, join forces to tackle a crucial challenge: maximizing electric vehicle (EV) range in cold weather. With a creative collaboration fueled by significant investments, they aim to develop a solution that not only enhances energy efficiency but also alleviates range anxiety during cold conditions.


In a strategic move supported by the Ontario Government’s Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) R&D Partnership Fund, Betterfrost and DENSO are confident to redefine EV operation in cold weather. Leveraging nearly $1.5 million in combined resources, this partnership embodies Ontario’s pivotal role in shaping the future of automotive technology.

Vic Fedeli, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, underscores the significance of this collaboration: “This innovative collaboration between Betterfrost and DENSO further demonstrates that Ontario is at the forefront of developing the cutting-edge, next-generation technologies necessary to build the cars of the future.”

Image showcasing 2024 Tesla Cybertruck driver front quarter profile
Tesla Cybertruck

The heart of this endeavor lies in developing an energy-efficient defrost and defog system that operates at a fraction of current energy consumption. Dr. Sameh Saad, Betterfrost’s Chief Technology Officer, affirms, “This project enables us to build on our strengths and partner with a global leader to accelerate the integration of our technology into EVs and demonstrate the benefits of a joint solution. We are excited to build and test this vehicle at our Tech Center in Oakville, followed by demonstrations at Global Automakers and Truckmakers.”


Raed Kadri, Head of OVIN, emphasizes the global impact of this venture: “The technology that will be developed through this collaboration can play an important role in the shift towards electrification and making EVs a practical choice in all corners of the globe. The fact that this technology is being commercialized in Ontario proves that our province is leading the charge on the global stage.”

DENSO’s longstanding commitment to Canada amplifies the significance of this partnership. Dave Korenchuk, a Director of Thermal R&D at DENSO, highlights their dedication to sustainable solutions: “The collaboration supports our Two Great Causes, Green and Peace of Mind, and furthers our development of sustainable solutions that contribute to a carbon-neutral world. By leveraging Betterfrost’s cutting-edge technology, we expect this project to demonstrate tangible benefits in extending electric vehicle range and realizing a green future.”



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