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New Holland’s T4 Electric Power Tractor, the industry’s first all-electric utility tractor, redefines farming with innovation and sustainability.
EV adoption has slowly gained traction due to slow charging speeds, but this could change with innovations in EV charging technology.
There are ways to get the most life and charge cycles out of an electric bicycle battery, and we show you how.
DESTEN and InMotion have created a record-breaking EV battery pack that charges in just 3 minutes and 56 seconds.
6K Energy celebrated its groundbreaking for a sustainable battery plant, poised to reshape industry with its innovative UniMelt® technology.
Toyota recently announced a groundbreaking advancement in solid-state battery technology, vastly increasing range and shortening charge time.
Toyota is developing new solid-state battery technology which will be used in the new production Lexus LFA.
40M kg of batteries recycled by Call2Recycle Canada, reducing landfill waste and emissions. Join Canadians at 10,000+ collection sites.
The trends and technologies shaping the EV battery market and what they mean for its future.
Lithium-ion batteries can be recycled, including those used in EVs, recovering up to 96% of raw materials and reducing environmental impact.




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