Rivian Cancels Quad Motor, Max Pack R1T
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Rivian Cancels Quad Motor Max Pack

The Rivian R1T Max Pack And Quad-Motor Configuration Is Cancelled

If you’ve been patiently waiting for a top-of-the-line, Quad Motor, “Max Pack” R1T from Rivian, get ready to wait a whole lot longer.

According to a post on RivianForums from a user named “Thomas,” the fledgling carmaker has begun sending emails to pre-order holders of Max Pack Rivian R1T trucks that they won’t be able combine this feature with the Quad Motor configuration.

What that means, in simpler terms, is that Rivian buyers who want the baddest, most powerful motor and drive options won’t be able to have the biggest, highest capacity battery pack installed at the same time. And, while the net effects of that might be minimal (a bit less range, a bit quicker charge time, etc.), the type of people who scroll to the bottom of the options list and select “all of the above,” usually don’t like being told, “no.”

One imagines that would hold doubly true if the company in question has played games with the order books before. Back in March, Rivian caused controversy when it told customers with standing orders that they’d have to accept a 20% price hike or accept delivery of a less-equipped vehicle at a later date. The outrage then was so great, that Rivian brass backtracked, saying that such a move would never happen again.

“Never,” seems to be now, and that means that Rivian will now only pair the Max Pack battery with the 600 HP Dual-Motor, AWD configuration, giving a target range of about 400 miles and a 0-60 time of about 4.5 seconds. This, of course, is stupid fast – and far more speed and power than is necessary for a light duty pickup. However, it’s a far cry from the 835 HP Quad Motor setup (though, it’s worth noting that both versions are rated for an equal 11,000 lb. towing capacity).

Rivian says it will prioritize Max Pack pre-order holders for its earliest Dual-Motor deliveries, ”where it’s possible,” though no date is reportedly being given.


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