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The world’s largest zero-emission haul truck sets a new green standard for mining, powered by hydrogen fuel cells and batteries.
Hydrogen vehicles are often positioned as an alternative solution to battery-electric vehicles, but is hydrogen they really the answer?
In this column, we ask an advanced AI about one of the most pressing issues facing the auto business: is hydrogen better than EV?
Aviation startup ZeroAvia has made history by completing the first commercial flight of a hydrogen fuel cell aircraft.
Fiat-Chrysler parent company Stellantis is investing in Symbia to develop an exclusive, hydrogen-fueled e-mobility solution.
At the rate that EV demand is rising, we won’t have enough lithium to fuel the EV revolution – that’s why Hydrogen still matters!
One of the bummers of e-bikes is the long charging time. But what if Alpha Neo hydrogen fuel-cell tech could change that?
Honda announced plans to build its next zero-emissions SUV in the US, only this one will be powered by hydrogen!
If the states won’t build out hydrogen fueling stations, the wealthy buyers of the Hyperion supercar will be able to call one in!
Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have lots of fans in the heavy trucking space, and that popularity is set to accelerate HFCV growth.



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