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Jarod chats with Matt Farah, host of The Smoking Tire Podcast, covering cars, gadgets, and sharing automotive expertise on Electrify Podcast.
On this Electrify Podcast episode, Jarod DeAnda chats with racing pro Dai Yoshihara about his career, electric cars, and future plans.
What’s old is new, clean, and fast! In this Industry Day panel, we explore the ways electrification is impacting high-performance tuning.
We recap the Electrify Expo in Long Beach, get into some big EV infrastructure news, and talk about Tesla and Chevy pricing changes.
That’s a wrap! Industry Day kicked off the 2022 tour season for Electrify Expo and Electrify News— and what a day it was!
Recreational boating just got quieter, cleaner, and a whole lot faster— thanks to the power of electric motors and one BIG Ingenity battery!
The ACT Expo is the first commercial truck show since the pandemic began, and one thing is clear: nobody wants to “go back to normal.”
In this latest episode, we talk to a Rivian insider about what’s really going on at the seemingly troubled electric truck startup.
The CEO of the new electric DeLorean company has big ambitions. They’ll be showing FOUR new cars in the next 90 days!
The new SUPER73 Z Miami is the ultimate urban explorer, totally re-engineered, cleverly connected. Check it out!



Image showcasing Lincoln Electric's all-new Velion 150kW DC fast charger for electric vehicles

Lincoln Electric's Velion: American-Made 150kW EV Charger for Reliable All-Weather Fast Charging

Nissan next-gen LEAF

Nissan Adds Two New EVs and Next-Gen LEAF to European Market

Volvo C40 charging EV adoption

How EV Adoption is Reshaping the Auto Industry