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The USPS announced sustainability targets for fiscal year 2030, including introducing at least 66,000 EVs into its delivery fleet.
Grosvenor’s ‘Pathway to Net Zero’ integrates EV charging stations and renewable energy solutions like solar and wind, cutting carbon emissions.
In the San Francisco Bay Area, CO2 monitoring shows a reduction in carbon emissions thanks to electric vehicle saturation.
Nova Bus electrifies Brampton with 10 LFSe+ buses, hitting sustainability goals with innovative, zero-emission, low-maintenance technology.
The Biden-Harris Administration shared its strategic plan to decarbonize the freight industry in a four-phase plan that closes in 2040.
When major media outlets use misleading headlines, they attract readers but hide the facts about the Biden policy proposal about emissions and the electric vehicle forecast for 2030.
BSTABO unveils Rockman, an electric ATV developed with Zongshen, featuring a powerful motor and top speed of 80km/h (50mph).
Since the Prius arrived in 2007, EV politics have been pretty fraught. It could take the EV pickup to end the divide.
Rivian shared an emissions report showing how the EV lineup has a lower carbon footprint from cradle to grave than an ICE vehicle has from gas emissions.
A group of over 4,700 auto dealerships aims to stop the upcoming EPA tailpipe emissions regulation, sending a second letter to President Biden in January 2024.
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