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EHang’s historic passenger-carrying eVTOL demo flight in Abu Dhabi signals a leap forward in urban air mobility and eco-friendly transportation.
Xiaomi, a Chinese maker of consumer electronics, made its entry into the EV market by releasing the Xiaomi SU7, a sporty, high-tech EV sedan.
Apple announced it was closing its all-electric, partly autonomous, Apple Car division, “Project Titan,” in February 2024.
XCMG commissioned the world’s first new energy loader production line in Xuzhou, China, utilizing automated vehicles and electric forklifts.
Exploring the rise of autonomous vehicles, the importance of connectivity, and the challenges on the road to a driverless future.
AI in the automotive industry is more than just autonomous vehicles. It touches every part of the process from manufacturing to aftersales.
Elon Musk envisions Tesla achieving full self-driving with Dojo AI chip, cost reduction, and global expansion by year-end.
XGames champ Tanner Foust and host Matt Teske discuss the future of EVs, challenges, and EV racing in this captivating podcast episode.
Kia robotaxis and other purpose-built vehicles will now be part of Kia’s upgraded 2030 strategy.
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Forum Mobility truck charging depot groundbreaking at the Port of Long Beach

Forum Mobility and Elemental Collaborate to Propel Zero-Emission Trucking at the Port of Long Beach

McLaren Sport 600 electric mountain bike

McLaren Unveils Electric Mountain Bikes with 600W Motors and Carbon Fiber Frames

EV road trip in a Ford F-150 Lightning

Can You Use an EV for a Road Trip?