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::sigh:: Should we really be surprised when Tesla promises something and the end result is not exactly as initially promised?
A new study shows some troubling news for Tesla fans: more than 50% of owners would “definitely consider” buying a future Apple Car.
Tesla critics are everywhere, and it’s easy to ignore the keyboard warriors – but it’s not so easy to ignore the experts.
The revolutionary new li-ion battery co-developed by Tesla and Panasonic is proving to be difficult to mass-produce.
Shock of shocks – another promised Tesla offering is suddenly more expensive now, and previous owners get even less.
The BYD Blade battery promised improved safety and low cost when it was announced last year – and Tesla thinks it’s the way to go!
In response to poor customer service and reliability issues, Tesla customers in Norway have called a hunger strike. Will Elon care?
When we first saw the Tesla dumpster swimming pool, we thought it was fake – but while it’s real, it’s still a bit of a joke.
Last week’s shareholder meeting was full of bad news for people waiting on Tesla’s Cybertruck. It’s more expensive now … and still late!
Chrysler parent company Stellantis may not be sold on the idea of EVs themselves, but they sure can sell everyone else on it!



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