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Shell USA, Inc. finalizes acquisition of Volta Inc., scaling up its U.S. public electric vehicle charging network
Nissan is planning to bring production of its next-generation EVs to the US, and the Made in the USA Nissans? They’ll be better and cheaper!
In this episode, Taylor talks about the new Corvette, Tesla price cuts, Mazda brings back the Wankel, and companies spend big on charging.
If you’re looking for a quiet, environmentally conscious way to cruise your favorite beach town, the new Moke Californian might be it!
Are EVs the end of the road for aftermarket tuners? Not even a little bit, and Electrify Expo’s new “Show Off” and “Speed Shop” prove it!
Pininfarina reaches major milestone with the delivery of the first two Battista electric hyper GT cars in North America!
Electrify Expo has arrived in Miami with the hottest new EVs from the biggest brands — e-bikes, cars, and more at Regatta Park!
Renting a car can be a harrowing ordeal — especially after a long flight! — but UFODrive’s app aims to make it easy!
What’s electric, folds in half, and is made in America? The all-new Model F e-bike from Newport Beach-based Electric Bike Company
One of three recently-revealed EVs, the Jeep Recon EV, shown here, will be the first all-electric Jeep in the US.



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