Tesla Has Some Surprises Ready for Cyber Rodeo


Tesla Has Some Surprises Ready for Cyber Rodeo

What’s this? Not one, but two Cybertrucks under wraps– and two more “mystery models” that we haven’t seen before? The Tesla Cyber Rodeo is shaping up to be something special!

Tesla is holding an invitation-only event at its Texas “Gigafactory” Austin called the “Cyber Rodeo.” The event signals the official kickoff of the new factory, which includes the official start of Tesla Model Y production at the plant. But this isn’t a “Model Y” rodeo, it’s a CYBER Rodeo– and we’re expecting some Cyber Truck news.

The good news? It looks like we’re going to get it. Tesla-watcher and drone photographer Joe Tegtmeyer recently snapped this picture in the build-up to the event, which clearly shows two Cyber Truck prototypes, and two other as-yet unidentified model cars.

See for yourself …


Are they new Tesla models? Is one the hotly-anticipated “affordable” Tesla that will take the brand deep into the mainstream? The one under the black cover (lower right, above) looks quite a bit sportier than the one in the “Under the Sea” cover– what do you think that’s about?

We won’t have long to wait, but guessing is a lot more fun than waiting! Scroll on down to the bottom of the page and let us know what you think Tesla’s keeping covered-up, in the comments.



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