Rivian A16 Flatbed Concept Wows

Rivian A16 Flatbed Concept Wows

Rivian A16 Concept Is A Futuristic Flatbed Hauler

Curious what a Rivian tow truck could look like? Check out this wild Rivian A16 flatbed concept by designer Ryan Schlotthauer.

Behance markets itself a social media “platform” for artists and design students – but, in practice? It is a wild and lawless place where the laws of physics need not apply. Copyright and trademark laws seem to be a bit flimsy there as well, with several iconic designs being re-hashed and repurposed almost daily by aspiring industrial designers hoping their latest design is good enough to get “the call” from a big OEM who thinks their vision is the way forward. So, with that in mind: meet Ryan Schlotthauer and his awesome Rivian A16 flatbed concept!

The A16 concept is based on the real-life Rivian-developed Amazon delivery truck. That vehicle’s platform was designed to be dependable, durable, and capable of hauling massive amounts of weight in all conditions, for daily use, all with minimal maintenance.

This design from Schlotthauer does a good job of sticking with Rivian’s established design language while maturing the aesthetics onto a heavier-duty platform. The bright “Rivian” branding on the sides of the truck establishes that this is a Rivian while also serving to show how local and national towing companies might brand their A16s if something like this ever became a reality.

Although the A16 is just a brand exposure exercise, there may be some potential for a Rivian-branded tow truck down the line. More and more towing companies may be forced to adopt flatbed-style haulers in the coming years, especially as dual-motor, AWD EVs become more prevalent. Getting towing wrong can be a costly mistake, as it is with an ICE car – and it might be even worse to get it wrong in an EV!

Schlotthauer Design Rivian A16 Concept


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