Park It: Subaru Wheels Fall Off (Again)

Park It: Subaru Wheels Fall Off (Again)

Subaru Warns Solterra Customers Not To Drive Their Cars As Detaching Wheels Flaw Resurfaces

After the literal wheels fell off the launch of the Subaru Solterra EV, it seemed all was well — but then it happened again!

Last week, Subaru quietly announced a recall of the 1,182 all-electric Solterra crossover models sold because the wheels could fall off at speed. The issue is serious enough that the company is telling owners not to drive their Solterra EVs until the issue is resolved.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve been paying attention! The recall is indeed related to a similar recall from 2022, in which the hub nuts could loosen from the upright and send the wheel off down the road on its own, leaving the car itself way behind.

We don’t need to inform you about the terrifying scenarios that could play out if that happens, but we can tell you that this particular issue does not affect owners of the Toyota bZ4X, which shares a platform with the Solterra.

Why is that, you ask? It was recently discovered that a specific group of contractors hired by Subaru to resolve the issue at two US ports were improperly fixed, resulting in under-torqued bolts. And, like, you might be tempted to say, “Well, these things happen …,” but when you consider that Subaru isn’t even willing to pay its people fast-food wages, well — at some point you bring these kind of very public, very humiliating failures on yourself, you know?

Here’s hoping no Subaru drivers were hurt by whoever made the last hiring decision, and that they learned their lessons this time around.


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