John Z's Daughter Kicks Off DeLorean Showdown

John Z’s Daughter Kicks Off DMC Duel

The daughter of John Z. DeLorean isn’t happy with the “official” attempts to revive the brand, so she’s building her own car!

Before John Z. DeLorean’s name became synonymous with cocaine cowboys and corporate scandal, he was the legendary automotive mastermind behind such automotive icons as the Pontiac GTO and Grand Prix, and his move to start his own eponymous car company was seen in much the same light as Peter Rawlinson leaving Tesla to start Lucid. And, while John was eventually acquitted, his legacy was … let’s say, “tarnished.”

Despite that tarnished legacy, John’s creation, the Giugiaro-designed DMC-12, has developed a dedicated cult following. So much so that, after forty years, there was enough pent-up demand for a new DeLorean to lure auto industry veteran Joost de Vries into the project, which has already resulted in the stunning Alpha5 EV, with more to come.

But Kat DeLorean, John’s daughter, isn’t celebrating. In fact, she’s livid.

“DeLorean Motor Company is not John DeLorean’s Company. DMC is not 40 years old, and not associated with the DeLorean Family, or my father’s ongoing legacy,” Kat’s post reads. “Please stop lying and stop speaking about John now, he despised you.”

Kat’s not keeping her anger to Instagram, either. Instead, she’s channeling that rage into a reborn DMC-12 of her own, this one based on the Angel Guerra design we first read about back in February. The design has matured since then, and includes a dramatic, LED “flux capacitor” in the cabin – a nod to the original car’s star turn in the Back to the Future movie franchise.

DeLorean has plans to build the car in Detroit, and seems to be gathering backers to make the project a reality. Whether or not there’s room in the market for two competing DeLorean revivals, however, remains to be seen.

Take a look at the stainless-steel, two passenger, flux capacitor-having renderings, below, and let us know which of John Z’s grandchildren you prefer in the comments.

Kat DeLorean’s DMC Concept


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