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Industry Day Austin 22 | Consumer Reports

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Manufacturers can build some incredible machines — but if they don’t resonate with the consumer, it’s all for nothing.

Auto manufacturers are racing to deliver electric cars to market in more body styles, with more features, offering more range, with charging in more places, and at more affordable prices. Despite all this focus on “more,” however, it’s not necessarily the case that new car buyers are looking for “more.”

Consumer Reports’ senior policy analyst for transportation and energy Chris Harto takes us on a deep dive through Consumer Reports’ reader data and reveals the factors that are really driving Americans to buy EVs — and what’s still holding some of them back.

Chris will be joined by executives and thought leaders from Bridgestone, Chargeway, GM, Polaris, and others at Electrify Expo’s second annual electric transportation trade conference. This business-focused event features presentations that range from expert industry analysis, policy experts, networking clinics, and more!

Electrify Expo | Industry Day

Electrify Expo Industry Day Long Beach 2022
Electrify Expo Industry Day at Long Beach, CA; courtesy Electrify Expo.

“The EV industry is at a crossroads, and the decisions executives make today will determine their companies’ ability to adapt to new market challenges presented by electrification,” said Peter MacGillivray, vice president of B2B and Industry Growth at Electrify Expo. “How people and things move throughout cities and the country is changing more rapidly than at any other time in the past century, and it’s the people and thought leaders here at Electrify Expo Industry Day Austin that will determine what ‘the right moves’ ultimately will be.”

Electrify Expo Industry Day collects a powerful mix of automotive, micro-mobility, autonomous vehicle, energy, charging, technology, city planning, and media professionals all under one roof. Through keynotes, panels, featured speakers, and press conferences, attendees will experience the latest industry trends as well as network with key industry movers and shakers.

Past Industry Day events have featured speakers like our good friends, DeLorean CEO Joost de Vries, Loren McDonald from EV Adoption, Chargeway founder Matt Teske, as well as executives from BMW, Google, Kia, Volvo, and more. You can read more about Industry Day 2022 Long Beach here, and click here for more information about ID22AUSTIN.

See you there!


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