Ride1Up Core-5 E-Bike Gets an Upgrade, More Range
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Ride1Up Core-5 Gets an Upgrade

Ride1Up Core-5 updated as low-cost 28 MPH commuter electric bike with longer range

The mission to create more affordable e-bikes continues, with Ride1Up having upgraded its Core-5 bike to give it a longer range.

The Ride1Up Core-5‘s battery was originally 48 V and 10.4 Ah, but now it’s been boosted to 12.8 Ah, adding almost 25% more capacity and thus almost 25% more range. This new 614 Wh battery still sits recessed in the frame’s downtube, locking into place but still easily removable for charging off-bike.

Another nice little update to the Core-5 is the inclusion of a headlight, which was sorely missing for a while on several of Ride1Up’s models. 

Despite the larger battery (and the new headlight), the Core-5 hasn’t had a price hike – an anomaly nowadays, as e-bike prices have been increasing this year – so the good news is that this high-value e-bike can still be yours for “just” $1,195, whether you opt for the step-through frame or the step-over.

Overall, Ride1Up focuses on making commuter-friendly e-bikes with good performance and really attractive prices. The Cafe Cruiser is great for urban riders at just $1,595, while the Prodigy is the company’s most expensive offering, still at $2,295 for a high-quality Brose mid-drive e-bike motor on that bad boy.

The Core 5 is available directly from Ride1Up, and you can get a sense of how easy (or difficult, maybe) it is to set one up in this unboxing video, below. Once your done, you can scroll on down to the comments and let us know what you think of the new Ride1Up – better yet, head out to the Electrify Expo in NYC, Miami, or Austin and check it out for yourself!


Ride1Up Core 5 Assembly & Unboxing




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