Zero the Hero: Zero Labs' Bronco EV is a 600 HP Work of Art
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Zero the Hero: Zero Labs’ Bronco

Electric Ford Bronco By Zero Labs Is A Modern Classic (Gallery)

There’s usually a bright white line between a tuner car and a piece of fine art, but Zero Labs’ Adam Roe is making it real blurry.

We’d like to introduce you to Zero Labs’ all-electric Ford Bronco — and calling it a “restomod” or an “homage” doesn’t really do it justice. To make it possible, the crew at Zero Labs takes a meticulously restored original Ford Bronco body and drapes it over a bespoke, state-of-the-art “skateboard” chassis built around your choice of an 85 or 100 kWh battery with up to 235 miles of range.

The Bronco’s independent front and rear suspension systems are built around top-shelf adjustable air shocks from Fox Racing that offer just the right blend of superior on-road comfort and ultimate off-road performance for the sort of clientele Roe is trying to attract, while a pair electric motors mounted front and rear — good for more than 600 HP — deliver jaw-dropping levels of performance.

For those of you keeping score, 600 HP is not only a lot more than the “official” 2021 Ford Bronco makes, but nearly 500% more power than the classic 1966 original. (!)

As impressive as all that is, the most impressive work on the Bronco may be reserved for those lucky few who get to ride inside of it. Everywhere you look, your eyes are greeted with brushed aluminum and light wood artfully arranged in a way that would make George Jetson beam with pride for having inspired it. From the steering wheel to the “shifters” to the door panels, everything is perfect — just as HenryLee, and God intended.

That’s just our take, what’s yours? Check out the images, below, then let us know what you think of Zero Labs’ Bronco-inspired awesomeness in the comments section at the bottom of the page.





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  1. This looks amazing, such a great classic style and a brilliant revamp on the interior! Will it be available in South Africa?

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