Video: Ryse Recon eVTOL Ultralight Completes First Flight
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Ryse Recon Completes First Flight

Ryse Recon ultralight personal eVTOL completes first piloted flight

Ryse Aerotech has released a video of its first manned flight test of the Recon eVTOL, which is being marketed to farmers and ranchers to be used without a pilot’s license.

This eVTOL is a “basic,” drone-style, six-prop multicopter that has a single seat right in the middle for the pilot. It has an aluminum frame, weighs 286 lbs., and can carry an occupant weighing up to 200 lbs. themselves. That low mass qualifies the aircraft as an “ultralight,” which means that, in most countries, it can be legally flown without a special pilot’s license. Ryse thinks that makes it an ideal tool for farmers and ranchers to quickly and quietly get a bird’s eye view of their land.

The Ryse battery life is only about 25 minutes, but even that is dependent on the weight of the pilot, the wind conditions, and other factors. However, it will cruise at about 40 MPH, and can hit speeds of nearly 60 MPH flat out. (No, thanks. –Ed.)

The Recon is flown it with a pair of joysticks, just like just about any other commercial drone, though the Recon’s flight control module is enhanced with obstacle sense and avoid tech. But overall, this thing is not designed for urban use – rather, Ryse wants this to be used on farms to help farmers get across their property fast and without worrying about compacting the soil in their fields. It doesn’t have much room to carry big items like a heavy toolbox or a vet kit just yet, but that might be on the horizon.

So, while it may have a limited use case, the Recon eVTOL does open up some neat possibilities for larger drone applications. Plus, you can hit a max altitude of 700 feet, which is pretty amazing.

You can watch the full video of Ryse’ first Recon manned flight, below, then let us know what you think of this rideable eVTOL drone in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Video: Ryse Recon Manned Flight




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