UFODrive Arrives in America With Locations in Austin, SanFran
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UFODrive Arrives in America

UFO Drive’s vision for electric car rental is out of this world

Renting a car can be a harrowing ordeal — especially after a long flight! — but UFODrive’s app aims to make it easy!

UFODrive is an innovative European rental car agency that’s been busy of late, expanding into new markets across the EU. Now, the company is ready to conquer America with the same innovative mindset that’s already made the brand so successful in Europe. That innovation? A single word: No.

“That’s no paperwork, no queues, no keys, no upselling, and no gas,” explains Edmund Read, Chief Commercial Officer of UFODrive. “24/7, you can register, book and pick up your car using our app.  Each rental includes fuel, 3 drivers, most tolls, and round the clock support.  Those resolve the biggest pain points in legacy rental and set us apart from others.”

Following a sold out launch in San Francisco last month, UFODrive expanded into downtown Austin, TX, Manhattan, NY, and San Francisco’s Union Square in September, and are now fully operational in those markets.

UFODrive Puts it in the App

Introducing more people to electric cars has always been part of the UFODrive vision, and making that rental experience a painless one is critical to ensuring that consumers leave with a positive view of electric cars. “When we started 5 years ago, the next challenge was to demystify and help people on their first EV journey,” says Read. “Our platform was designed from the ground up to identify and resolve any issues a customer might face — whether unlocking the car, getting started in an EV, finding the way out of a parking garage, monitoring your charge levels, finding and booking you into the fastest charger, unlocking the car if you leave something behind … (even) switching on the AC.”

We’ll be checking out UFODrive’s app and process for ourselves next month when we go to Austin for Electrify Expo Industry Day 2022! We’ll let you know what we think, but you don’t have to wait for us — if you’ve had the chance to rent an EV lately, let us know how it went in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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